My Other Ex: Women’s True Stories of Leaving and Losing Friends (September 2014)
Mamas Write: 29 Tales of Truth, Wit, and Grit (May 2014)


Academy Art U News

MPTV Grad’s Podcast Helps Other Filmmakers 

Davis Guggenheim’s Documentary Reveals Ordinary Side of Extraordinary Girl

Academy Alum Continues to Build on His Recipe for Success

Academy Graduate Wins Gold at Student Academy Awards

MPTV Students Create Sitcom During Collaborative Course

 Academy Instructor’s New Book Helps Artists Capture Human Movement

‘Soar’ Sails to Victory on Film Festival Circuit

Academy Student Starts Photography and Filmmaking Company

School of Acting’s ‘Hair’ Electrifies Audiences

Student’s Film Brings Attention to Forced Marriages

Daydreaming, Self-Confidence and Drawing Pay Off for School of Animation Alum

Veteran Student’s Photograph a Finalist in National Contest

Academy Grad Wins American Society of Landscape Architects’ Student Honor Award

Academy Grad Helps People With Disabilities Find Stylish, Accessible Clothing

Sculptor’s Playful Animals Pop Up All Over the City


Crossing the Bridge  (October 2014)

Bipolar at 5?  (May 2013)

Raising a Child with Mental Illness:  What I Wish I’d Known  (May 2013)


A Modern Guide to Mill Valley ( November 2016)

We Wanna Be Friends With San Francisco Insta-Sensation Julie Gebhardt (October 2016)

San Francisco’s Best Boutique Inns (January 2015)

Nurture Your Soul With a Zen Retreat (January 2015)

Five Festive Boat Parades (December 2014)

Beginner Triathlons to Try in 2015 (November 2014)

 The Western Edition

GirlVentures (November 2014)

AcroSports (January 2015)

 Girls on the Run (March 2015)



Something to Sing About (October 2014)

Reluctant Sorority Sisters  (July 2014)

A Label She Loves  (September 2013)


The Break-Up  (March 2014)


I Wish My Parents Had Gotten Divorced

 Marin IJ

How it Is: No Such Thing as Being too Old for Adventure (October 2014)

How it Is: Christmas is When Errant Cows Come Home (December 2013)

 NPR’s KQED Radio Perspectives

Dying Wishes   (August 2014)

Catch Me if I Fall   (April 2014)

Erase the Stigma  (January 2013)

A Touchy Subject  (July 2010)

Body Image  (June 2007)


Our Last Reunion (October 2015)

Scary Mommy’s Club Mid

A Label for My Daughter We Can All Love



  1. Hi Dorothy, I am a mom of a 6 yo girl, she is gorgeous and smart and creative. She has been diagnosed with ADD. As you may imagine, I am struggling to help her be happy and feel accepted in her daily life. She is starting to show signs of axiety at school. I was wondering which is the school your daughter went were she thrived.

    I feel we need to find a school with small clases where teachers are more aware of the different needs of the students.

    1. Hi Bettsy,

      Thank you for reaching out, and I am so sorry your daughter is struggling! We didn’t switch schools until my daughter was in middle school. She went to Sterne Middle School in San Francisco. I am so glad we did it! She just started going to o our public high school this year and is doing well with support from her IEP, although she does still struggle with anxiety and attention issues. But I believe sending her to a small middle school for kids with learning difference helped her get to a place where she can now function in a regular high school (with some support). Are you in the Bay Area? I will try to provide you of the names of a couple of other schools for younger children, but I need to check on them with some other people.

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